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Here is where you become the best you can be. A life only you can dream of! COME AND JOIN INDIA’S most exciting workplace the INDIAN ARMED FORCES:live a life less ordinary.

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Antimpag book

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“Antim Pag: Life Begins here!”

This Book “Antim Pag: Life Begins here!” is meant to be a defence career guide book. The sole purpose of this book is to ignite the minds of aspirants those who wants to contribute their service for this great nation but due to lack of information can’t do that despite of having capabilities. An attempt has been made to make them aware and prepare for various Competitive Defense Services examination preparation.

This Book will make you aware of every possible opportunity to enter into Defence service (Army/Navy/Air Force/ Indian Coast Guard) as an Officer. This book has also certain special Features which makes it unique, This Book also tells you how to get admission in most prestigious institutions like (RIMC, Dehradun and SPI, Aurangabad) for 7nth and 10nth standard students respectively because, this institution are well known for their contribution to produce six Generals and topmost Officer of Indian Armed Forces.

What are you looking at, what are you dreaming of, what are you hoping for a promising career, exceptional colleagues, a uniform, a gun or the opportunity to be everything you want to be, This is the only organization where sacrifices are remembered, the value of life revered and heroes are never forgotten. Here is where you become the best you can be. A life only you can dream of! Come and join India’s most exciting workplace the INDIAN ARMED FORCES: live a life less ordinary.

या पुस्तकाचे लेखक अमोल रामदास पोटे हे आता मुंबई येथे उद्योजक म्हणून कार्यरत असले; तरी अद्यापही ते सैन्यामध्ये अधिकारी होऊन आपल्या नव्या आयुष्याची सुरुवात करू इच्छिणाऱ्या तरुण उमेदवारांसारखेच आहेत .

सिंधू आणि रामदास पोटे यांचे अपत्य असलेले लेखक हे मूळचे औरंगाबादचे रहिवासी आहेत. अहमदनगर येथील त्रिमूर्ती पब्लिक स्कूल या सैनिकी शाळेत त्यांनी आपले शालेय शिक्षण पूर्ण केले. पुढील शिक्षणासाठी त्यांनी उत्तर महाराष्ट्र विद्यापीठात प्रवेश घेतला. त्यांनी आपले एम. फार्मसी. पुणे विद्यापीठातून पूर्ण केले आहे आणि आता आपल्या कुटुंबासोबत ते मुंबई येथे वास्तव्यास आहेत .

सैनिकी स्कूल मध्ये झालेल्या प्रशिक्षणामुळे लेखकाच्या मनामध्ये लहानपणापासूनच ' स्व ' पेक्षा सेवेला महत्व देण्याचे बीज रुजले. लेखकामधे सुरुवातीपासूनच नवनवीन आव्हानांना सामोरे जाण्याची जिद्द तसेच सैन्यात अधिकारी होऊन देशसेवा करण्याचे स्वप्न प्रज्वलित झाले. या स्वप्नाचा पाठपुरावा करीत असताना त्यांना अनेक आव्हानांना सामोरे जावे लागले. त्यांच्या संघर्षाच्या दिवसांत ते मुंबई आणि पुण्यासारख्या शहरात राहिले. कदाचित त्यामुळेच त्यांचे या दोन शेजाऱ्यांवर विशेष प्रेम आहे.

सैन्यामध्ये अधिकारी बनण्यासाठी लेखकाने CDSE परीक्षेची तयारी केली आणि SSB मुलाखतीसाठी निवडले गेले पण SSB मुलाखतीचा टप्पा पार करण्यात त्यांना यश मिळू शकले नाही.

त्यामुळेच लेखकाला या गोष्टीची कायम खंत वाटते कि त्यांनी जर बालपणापासूनच सैन्यात जाण्याच्या दृष्टीने तयारी सुरु केली असती तर आज कदाचित ते एक यशस्वी उद्योजक म्हणून ओळखले जाण्या ऐवजी एक सैन्य अधिकारी बनले असते.

'अंतिम पग ' हे पुस्तक लेखकाच्या मनातील याच खेदाचे एक प्रेरणादायी रूपांतर आहे; जे आज अनेक तरुण तरुणींना सैन्यात अधिकारी बनण्यासाठी फक्त प्रेरितच करीत नाही तर त्या संदर्भातील सर्व आवश्यक माहिती एकत्रित त्यांच्या पर्यंत पोहचवण्याचे मोलाचे कार्य करीत आहे.

लेखकास आशा आहे की सैन्यात अधिकारी बनण्याचे स्वप्न मनात बाळगणाऱ्या वाचकांना योग्य दिशादर्शक म्हणून हे पुस्तक नक्कीच मदत करेल. तरुणांना अशा प्रकारची मदत करण्यासाठीचे प्रेरक लिखाण भविष्यातही करण्याचा लेखकाचा मानस आहे.

चला तर मग ‘अंतिम पग : आयुष्य इथून सुरू होतं..’ चे स्वागत करूयात.


Topics Covered In The Book



The Indian Armed Forces are facing a peculiar problem – not enough youngsters are attracted to join the forces as officers...



Why Boys and Girls from most of the States lag behind and do not grab this opportunity to serve in the Defence Services is...



The Indian Armed Forces are the military forces of the Republic of India. It consists of three professional uniformed services:...


Services Selection Board (SSB)

Services Selection Board (SSB) is an organization that assess the candidates for becoming officers into the Indian Armed Forces...



ebook preview

My dear friends,

It gives me great pleasure to write this foreword for Antim Pag: Life Begins Here! Book

However inspite of being in Fauj , I was not aware of the various entries available in joining the Armed Forces.

When Amol messaged me about the book , I was very curious and excited by the name. Antim Pag is synonymous to most of the Armed Forces officer. It still gives us goosebumps. When Amol met me and explained about the concept of the book i was thrilled that atleast someone has taken the effort to compile various entries available to joinIndian Armed Forces as an Officer.

Antim Pag gives you insight about the entire ecosystem of joining the Indian Armed Forces. It narrates on how when one is in 7th Grade , the process can be commenced to become an officer. It speaks about various entries and the stages when one can apply. It further speaks about the academies of Army, Navy and Airforce. Perhaps one of the very rare books which consolidates all the requirements at one place.

I am really proud of Amol for his wonderful work in form of Defence Career Guidance Book Antim Pag: Life Begins Here!.

I was really impressed about the passionate journey of Amol where in he felt the lacuna and gap of not being able to get guided properly from early stage which otherwise would have ompletely changed his destiny. However he have embarked on a journey to ensure the youth of today is equipped with all the information they need to go and take on the world. A life only you can dream of! Come and join India’s most exciting workplace the INDIAN ARMED FORCES: live a life less ordinary.

I shall sign off by wishing you the best in whatever career you choose. I shall be proud of all of you. Go on and do your best in life. But do consider wearing the uniform once before you make a final choice. I did!

Wishing Amol all the best for his book and may this book reach all the Defense Aspirant.

- Lt Cdr Bijay Nair

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Antim Pag: Life Begins Here!

About Author


Amol Ramdas Pote

Though now an entrepreneur in Mumbai, Amol Ramdas Pote is not much different than any new and raw defence aspirant who wishes to trail her or his life path in uniforms. Author originally hails from Auraganbad where he was born to Sindhu and Ramdas.

He completed his education in a Military school in Ahmednagar named Trimurti Public School and later for Graduation he joined North Maharashtra University. Later he moved to pune to finish his M pharmacy from Pune University and now resides in Mumbai with his family

Being in military school he always had that spark for service before self and facing new challenge every day. Author had a dream to serve the forces for which initially he had to face numerous challenges. During his days of struggle he stayed in cities like Mumbai and Pune. Probably that is the reason he has special love for these 2 neighbours. He applied and appeared for CDSE and SSBs at which he failed tremendously. He wishes if he had started to prepare from childhood days he might have had himself in Uniform instead of being a businessman.

This book is a brainchild of that only regret which he wishes to work up on and enlighten every bright brain who wishes to serve for nation as an g officers.

He hopes this book helps the reader and he shall keep writing for you. Welcome aboard to Antim Pag: Life begins here...



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